Revitalizing Teams

Breakthrough results require a team that is powerfully engaged in a common game and future and is coordinating action at every turn. Accomplishing at this level, in collaboration with others, is one of the most satisfying experiences people can have. We make this possibility real and sustainable. 

High performing teams demonstrate distinct capabilities. They deliver effective coordinated action built on shared understanding, alignment, respect and appreciation. Transformational Leadership Partners will support your team to create a game worth playing, developing the skills, practices and structures to consistently perform at the highest levels possible. Team members will be revitalized as the team learns how to reach a shared understanding that is grounded in practices of inquiry, advocacy, and constructive conflict resolution. 

We will work with you and your team, as you take on the real work in your organization to build the team’s ability to see what is present now and recognize the interpretations at play, in order to make well-grounded decisions. Team members will develop the capacity to powerfully align on a shared vision and context, generate clarity for how work gets done, incorporate practices that generate alignment, and maintain an unwavering commitment to being accountable to each other for results. Upon incorporating the practices we bring to your organization, your teams will naturally and routinely demonstrate respect and appreciation for their colleagues and their individual and shared accomplishments. 

Your team members will:

Members of high performing teams who master these practices realize a quantum leap in personal satisfaction and self-expression. This transformation leaves the team energized, engaged, generative and willing to take on challenges previously thought to be unattainable. You and your team will become known as “the ones”—the team that makes things happen. When leaders operate in this space, work becomes easier, more interesting and compelling, and breakthrough results abound. 

“The work we are doing with Transformational Leadership Partners creates possibilities we never knew existed and allows us to have conversations we never thought we could have. My colleagues and I text one another in meetings with a simple phrase we’ve gotten from TLP's programs, and we start showing up differently. I am thinking about everything completely differently than I was a year ago. This has made a huge difference.”
Wendy Melleby
Executive Director, Care Continuum, Kaiser Permanente Hawaii


Turning Competition Into Collaboration After a Merger

A world leader in technology had recently acquired two rival startup companies, one based in United States and one based in Europe. They put the two companies together to form one division, with the goal of having a superior product emerge.

Not only were there issues around their past competition in the market space, but the geographical and cultural differences were enormous. The merger created winners and losers from a product standpoint. It also caused a strain on the team’s relationship with the divisional VP.

Transformational Leadership Partners held several planning sessions with the divisional senior team to:

  • identify what they all had at stake together (This in itself was a breakthrough in that they discovered they were all committed to similar things and had significant common ground together.)
  • create a common game, i.e. one that would be more compelling than their internal “war”
  • design the team’s network of accountabilities and relationships as the foundation for delivering on their goals (This included working on where there had been past breakdowns, misunderstandings, and lack of clarity as to roles and responsibilities.)
  • restore and create a powerful team relationship to the divisional VP

Discovering the Pathway to Performance

The team was committed to having the work they did on themselves be sustainable and have lasting value.

TLP worked with the senior team in designing organizational practices to sustain their energy and focus for the new game. These practices were various agreements for communication in meetings, 1-1 behavior, and interaction with the organization.

Through an executive coaching arrangement with each senior team member, we enabled these leaders to create high engagement with their teams to align their strategies and goals to the overall organizational direction.

With TLP’s support, the previously competitive engineering design teams in the US and Europe were able to create effective coordination, and they began working in partnership across geographical and organizational boundaries.

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