Our Promise

At Transformational Leadership Partners, we believe that breakthrough results are achieved through the intelligence, aspirations, and commitments that reside within the organization. 

We hold that organizations require people capable of and empowered to perform at their best to deliver results that will make their world work. It is the organization’s leaders who bring into existence the culture in which empowered and aligned performance will flourish through its people and systems. 

We envision organizations whose leaders and teams together create clarity for the future and accomplish ambitions never-before imagined or thought possible.

Transformational Leadership Partners excels at bringing an external perspective and methodology that enables organizations and leaders to achieve a break from their predictable way of being to produce transformational results. 

We promise that when leaders consistently demonstrate integrity and authenticity, when they are inspired to produce accomplishments greater than their self-interests, and when they stand for delivering unrealized potential, their leadership will flourish and create the conditions required for organizations to achieve unprecedented results.

We promise the full power of our partnership to help you create the future you never thought possible. 

“I have been engaged with Transformational Leadership Partners for over ten years for personal executive coaching, executive leadership team and organizational culture transformation. They ignited in me and my leaders the creation of an inspirational vision and clear intentional plan to change the culture of the organization. Transformational Leadership Partners unleashes people’s passions so they can achieve possibilities beyond their expectations. They have the ability to transform lives and lead others to greatness.”
Mary Ann Barnes, RN
Former President of Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Hospitals, Hawaii Region


When Survival Requires Dramatic and Systemic Change

This medical center is one of the five largest county health facilities in the country. Historically, their constituency has consisted mainly of patients with limited governmental funding or no ability to pay. The medical center also has had a reputation consistent with the stereotypes that are associated with that population.

With recent changes in managed care, as well as significant losses in government funding from tax changes, this organization hired Transformational Leadership Partners to help them create a culture of values which would result in excellent customer service, and increased “paying” patients.

Energizing Leaders Numbed by Bureaucracy

One of the cornerstones of TLP’s work was the reinvention of the executive team from a bureaucratic administrative body to a more streamlined and strategic leadership team. We then worked with appropriate layers of management throughout all levels to align the whole organization to be a culture that delivers excellent customer service.

The commitment to customer service required a reinvention of their culture, at all levels. This has evidenced itself all the way from the number of HMO contractors now using their facility, to the length of time call lights stay on, how patients and families are greeted in the hallways, and the cleanliness of the restrooms. There is a service conscientiousness and focus throughout the organization. The executive team knew this focus had to begin with their leadership.

Sustainable Changes Realized through Effective Leadership

After working with TLP for four years, the medical center has accomplished all goals they initiated, negotiated breakthrough contracts with their nursing union (the largest of five in the organization), and shocked the County Board of Supervisors with a financial surplus for two years in a row. They were able to underwrite a significant portion of the deficit for the entire county.

This performance was unheard of for hospitals in a managed care environment at that time, as well as in the county system. They attribute this accomplishment mainly to the profound partnership that has been created in the executive team, and the shift in their culture.

TLP created a client-tailored leadership development program for their senior and mid-level managers that allows them to self-sustain and continue their organizational transformation. We are committed that our clients will be able to sustain their value over time, long after we have stopped working with them.

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