The Platinum Executive Leadership Program

Being a Leader & the Effective Exercise of Leadership

Unleash your Natural Expression of Leadership.

In this powerful six-month program, you will discover a truly new capacity to lead—both others and yourself—in work and in life.

Is This Program for You?

Do you have audacious ambitions? Are you up to accomplishing something extraordinary? Have you been a highly successful executive leader and now you need to take your leadership to a new level in order to make it all happen? Do you want to lead naturally, effortlessly, effectively? The Platinum Program: Being a Leader & The Effective Exercise of Leadership is for you.

Truly Unique

This program employs a new science of leadership that gives you access to transforming who you are being as a leader. Rather than giving you “answers,” this program is designed to empower executive leaders to effectively deal with the risks inherent in life and business. Instead of more knowledge about leadership, you are left with a greater capacity to actually lead — to lead naturally and effectively, no matter what the situation, in all facets of your life. The outcome: breakthroughs in your leadership performance that will last a lifetime.

What Is Involved?

The Platinum Program: Being a Leader & the Effective Exercise of Leadership starts with a comprehensive reading and writing assignment followed by seven in-person days over approximately six months. During these in-person sessions, you will participate with a cohort of peers—highly successful senior level executives from a variety of sectors and industries, who are also engaged in becoming more effective leaders.

At the outset, you will create an individual Leadership Initiative designed to make a decisive contribution to something that you are already at work on and where you are committed to causing a real breakthrough—an area where you want an Olympic-level performance. And, it will require your own transformation as a leader to produce the breakthrough. Your Initiative will serve as a real-time laboratory for applying the principles of the program. You will have practice work, 1:1 coaching and a 55-minute webinar between each of the in-person sessions.

What We Explore

We will explore and gain mastery in certain powerful contexts that will alter how the circumstances that are challenging to your leadership occur for you, and are perceived by you, including how you occur for yourself. When mastered, these contexts for your leadership result in a natural ability to act in powerful and effective ways that lead to unpredictable breakthroughs in performance.

Our Promise

You will leave this program being a leader and exercising leadership effectively as your natural self-expression, in any situation and no matter what the circumstances.

Interested? Here’s What to Do Next.

If you would like to explore the possibility of participating in The Platinum Program: Being a Leader & the Effective Exercise of Leadership, email Debbie King ([email protected]) with your questions, and something about you and what you would like to get out of your participation in the program. Debbie will then schedule an interview with you to discover if Being a Leader will provide what you are looking for and to allow you to make a fully informed choice.

“My partnership with Transformational Leadership Partners over the last few years has been instrumental in transforming me as a leader. They listen effectively, reflect thoughtfully, and challenge continuously to increase my effectiveness. Working with them and completing the Being a Leader program has opened up my ability to work effectively with a broad range of stakeholders. Transformational Leadership Partners is an invaluable resource and ally to drive our team’s success.”
Yamini Rangan
Chief Customer Officer, Hubspot


Creating Alignment for a New Future

A large not-for-profit organization had more than ample resources, but it lacked a culture of financial stewardship—something highly valued by its primary investors. The executives were called to get lean, efficient, and effective and to show measurable results as the criteria for future investor funding.

Accepting the mandate, the executives were challenged by how to create that culture when there were few metrics, no performance standards, excessive headcount, and an environment where non-performers were reassigned rather than held to account. Intellectual pursuit, not performance, could no longer remain the primary driver in the culture.

Getting People to “Own It”

Transformational Leadership Partners and the organization’s Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) saw the lack of accountability in the culture as its weak link, and the place to target. The engagement focused on helping leaders recognize the connection between the work that they do and the business results to be produced.

TLP delivered the “Being a Leader” program to the CHRO and coached him in his own leadership development. Out of that work he declared to the organization’s founders his intention to have the culture match people’s aspirations. He sought to “reduce the daylight between the reason people came to work at the organization, and their day-to-day experience of walking the halls.”

The CHRO recognized and explained to the founders that while people came to this organization inspired and mission driven, the culture caused them to become resigned and dispassionate as they dealt with the difficulties of getting stuff done, their lack of voice, and the internal bureaucracies. The founders embraced this quest and accepted it as their vision, looking to the HR team to lead the way to create the breakthroughs and transformation.

Bringing Focus to Blind Spots that Hamper Success

During the next 6 months as TLP delivered the “Being a Leader” program and worked with the HR team on a culture of accountability, the shift occurred. Siloed behaviors and difficult team interactions gave way to true teamwork. Colleagues could be counted on to support each other – to have each other’s back – and they coalesced as a team. The HR leaders internalized their ability to make a difference. They came alive and became willing to have straight conversations with colleagues with whom they had worked for years, but never in authentic partnership. HR leaders brought their new leadership capabilities to the teams with whom they work and support. Strong in their belief that they were solid and dependable business partners and change agents, the HR leaders helped their VPs to establish reliable head count reviews and workforce plans, including bringing diversity hiring into practice. The leadership practices and the results they allowed for became sustainable and laid the groundwork for fulfilling on the founders’ expectations.

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