Unleashing Leadership

Some leaders have a natural ability to see the future they want to create to engage and inspire others in pursuit of a shared purpose or vision.

However, some leaders have risen to the ranks of leadership because of outstanding individual performance, but then find themselves challenged in empowering that level of performance in others.

To assume that great leaders are “just born that way” perpetuates a myth that keeps all of us from expressing the possibility of our own leadership. Transformational Leadership Partners uses a proprietary program, “Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership,” as a core component of our approach to creating transformational leaders in your organization.

When we work together, TLP promises to leave you, and those who participate, being leaders who can lead effectively as their natural self-expression, in any situation, and regardless of circumstances. We do this by revealing a new science of leadership giving you direct access to who you are being as a leader.

Transformational Leadership Partners helps leaders address their current, real-life work situations, and gain the leadership capacity needed to effectively influence and lead for change.

This happens when leaders master the foundational elements of being a leader:

  • Being a Person of Integrity: Having integrity means living as if your words matter; you honor your word. This creates a foundation of workability that makes unprecedented performance possible.
  • Being Authentic: When you are authentic, others experience you as consistent with who you say you are. You walk the talk, and it is evident throughout your life.
  • Being Engaged In a Purpose Bigger Than Oneself: Your purpose and how you live is reflective of something larger than you. You live in a created, purposeful context.
  • Being Cause in the Matter: This is a stand you take, a context you bring as a leader that you have a "say" in the matter, and that you are responsible for the future results.

We provide leaders with the ability to create a context for themselves and those they lead that is so powerful and compelling, that it shifts how they see situations, the environment, and even themselves. When this happens, breakthroughs in leadership become possible, and leaders naturally and powerfully take actions that result in the desired outcomes.

Our work is delivered using a leadership laboratory methodology. You will design an initiative for which you are accountable to your organization for breakthrough results. You will learn how to integrate highly effective principles and practices into your leadership, so that you can reliably produce the bold results previously considered unattainable. Barriers, obstacles, and impediments that might have stopped you in the past will no longer get in your way. You will master leadership, making what was previously impossible not only possible, but realized.

How We Work

Your access to being a leader and exercising leadership effectively as your natural self-expression is achieved through mastery of the four foundational factors and the technologies that support them.

You will become adept at creating a future which will enroll those you lead and those who count on you to lead. You and your team will build relationships grounded in trust,  resulting in an understanding of how context affects a leader’s ability to find possibilities or solutions.

Our Technology for Engagement and Accomplishment will provide you with a structure to methodically and consistently bring your organization through each of the critical stages necessary to design and implement sustainable, transformational change.

Together we will work on communication: listening for commitments and the values they come from, listening to build alignment, and mastering difficult conversations. You will discover the limitations of your strongly-held assumptions and interpretations, and successfully make choices for new actions that lead to desired results.

Leaders will explore how they are being with others, and how they can be more effective. By mastering these skills and ways of being, leaders become reliable for envisioning, engaging others to contribute, and then fulfilling on a groundbreaking future for their organization.

Executive Coaching for Mastery

When we work with you and your team to shift your organization’s culture or to produce breakthrough results, we offer individual coaching on behalf of the leadership transformation you seek. TLP offers executive coaching as a part of our work with your organization’s executive team or through your participation in The Platinum Program. Both will provide you with personalized coaching in a safe, trusting relationship – where you and your coach can explore your day-to-day issues and discover what is missing to create breakthrough results.

Your TLP coach is 100% committed to your success and brings an objective, outsider perspective. This partnership enables your ability to make the dynamics in which you operate explicit. Together we will reflect on and flag patterns that are impeding the possibility of breakthrough performance.

Becoming an executive requires a shift from functional expertise to being responsible for the whole. The focus shifts from developing oneself to mentoring and developing others. It also brings the responsibility for having others fulfill on the organization’s expectations. Executives are asking the question of legacy: what, ultimately, is to be my mark on the world?

Our leadership coaching is grounded in our 4 foundational factors: integrity, authenticity, being engaged in a purpose bigger than oneself, and being cause in the matter. Our coaches will have 1:1 conversations with your leaders to help them nurture their professional growth as leaders and team members. TLP offers carefully designed exercises and supports you as you practice on the real challenges facing your organization. In partnership with your leaders, our coaches work to illuminate their current effectiveness and limitations, so they move into action to generate desired results.

Leaders will gain clarity on their accountabilities and how breakthrough results will occur. They will be at work on building trust-based relationships with those individuals in the organization whose support is essential for accomplishing these results.

Executives who engage in coaching for mastery typically see the following results:

  • Greatly improved partnerships and networks of support across and within organizational boundaries
  • Increased ability in creating and developing the ‘bench strength’ of those below and around them
  • Capacity for keeping their word, delivering what they say they will do, when they say they will do it
  • Willingness to take on, recognize, and deal effectively with ‘blind spot’ areas that have consistently impacted their ability to accomplish and lead
  • Familiarity and proficiency with tools that allow continual development of their own leadership potential
  • Increased courage, energy, joy and sense of accomplishment at work
  • More freedom in taking on the unknown and gaining new areas of mastery
  • Experience of greater competence, more meaning, and deeper satisfaction in all areas of their life

The Platinum Executive Leadership Program

Do you have audacious ambitions? Are you up to accomplishing something extraordinary?

Have you been a highly successful executive leader and now you need to take your leadership to a new level in order to make it all happen?

Do you want to lead naturally, effortlessly, and effectively?

The Platinum Executive Leadership Program: Being a Leader & The Effective Exercise of Leadership is for you.

“I've had the pleasure of working with Transformational Leadership Partners for the past couple of years, and I can’t say enough about how valuable the experience has been for me. From executive coaching to the Being a Leader program, I was given ample space for growth and transformation. I appreciate TLP’s commitment and approach to executive coaching. Their process, counsel, and insights have inspired me to stretch myself into areas I didn’t think were possible. I feel fortunate to have had this experience and I highly recommend Transformational Leadership Partners.”
Kimberly Lengle
Director, Organizational Development, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


Coalescing Cultures in Mergers and Acquisitions

A large, progressive health system acquired a state-run hospital system with the goal of improving access to medical care, the quality of care, and the health status of the community. The newly hired CEO charged with turning around the operation turned to Transformational Leadership Partners to partner with him in transforming the culture and developing leadership within his team.

The hurdles confronting the new system were many:

  • the integration of the previous corporate culture with the new parent company’s way of doing business
  • the formation of an aligned executive team whose members were a combination of the old system, the acquiring system, and newly hired executives, and
  • competing medical staffs whose loyalty to the new operator was tenuous and strained.
There were also large challenges related to the differences in the cultures of the faster-paced and direct style of the US mainland based acquiring company and the pacific islander culture of the acquired organization.

The CEO needed improvements fast.

He needed expertise and bandwidth from TLP to jumpstart the changes that would be foundational to realizing the system’s operational and strategic goals.

We helped the executives move beyond the painful experience of the acquisition transition while honoring and respecting the legacy of their prior organizations, and attain completion on the past upsets.

This effort created a clearing for the CEO to develop his team and pursue a new vision and a new future.

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